Construction materials

A place to keep building materials

By Divya Shree KB

If you happen to live in and around Kadubeesanahalli, or even drive past the area, you would be well acquainted with the constant traffic. With two schools and several computer parks, the area is known to be a busy hub and commuters and pedestrians are already bearing the brunt of slowly increasing traffic in these lanes.

A new problem has now arisen: a building in the making has used the sidewalks to store its construction utilities, leaving little space for pedestrians to walk. Heaps of cement, sand, bricks and wheelbarrows dot the section intended for walkers.

fighting for space
Vidya, a resident of Kadubeesanahalli, struggles to drop off her son at school, which is 100 meters from her residence. “My son is often late for school because of traffic or just because the sidewalk is hard to walk and the stretch is very crowded during rush hour,” she said.

Another local, Ravi, said it was dangerous to walk on the road and he questioned the irresponsibility of the owners of the estate as well as the BBMP.

Another resident, Shylaja, alleged that construction workers and management failed to respond to her inquiries about roadside storage and turned a deaf ear to her concerns.


“We haven’t received any complaints,” said Paramaeshwarachief engineer of the BBMP for Mahadevapura piece. He was angered by the irresponsibility of the estate owner and claimed that “the new paths are for pedestrians and not for storage”, adding that action would be taken immediately.

When citizens petitioned the BBMP

In 2018, residents of bellandurKadubeesanahalli, Sarjapur, Kasavanahalli, Doddakannelli, Harlur main road, and neighboring areas have petitioned the BBMP because they say the BBMP “has failed to deliver on its promise to provide sufficient municipal services”. The BBMP finally heard the petition and built good walkways but now the construction sites pose a new threat to pedestrians in Kadubeesanahalli.

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