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Ariens acquires Thomas Equipment | construction equipment

May 27, 2022

AriensCo purchased Thomas Equipment from AL Parts Inc.

As a result, Ariens will now be able to offer a four-season product line under the Gravely brand to reach the rental and construction markets, according to a report in The Brillion (Wisconsin) News.

Thomas Equipment is a 79 year old manufacturer of outdoor equipment based in Beechwood, New Brunswick, Canada. In 1969, the company introduced the world’s first hydrostatically driven skid steer loader. Thomas Equipment was purchased by AL Parts in 2013.

Ariens is partnering with Al Downy and Leon Butterfield, owners of AL Parts, to launch production of the Gravely branded line of skid steer loaders at its Canadian plant.

“We think this is a perfect extension of our Gravely product line,” said Dan Ariens, President and CEO of Ariens. “This piece of multi-tool equipment is great for landscaping jobs with attachments like a tree auger, stump grinder, pallet forks, etc. It’s a big tool, but it’s small and compact, so it can fit through a doorway and can be transported on a trailer with other mowers.We think this will be a great deal for commercial landscapers.

Ariens supports production ramp management.

Five Gravely mini skid steer loaders (3 diesel models and 2 gasoline models) are planned for this fall.

Source: The Brillion News

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