Construction materials

Arup is part of the project to integrate construction materials into the circular economy

British consulting engineer Arup has partnered with Madaster, an online platform to bring building materials into the circular economy – so they can be reused at the end of their life.

Madaster, which currently operates in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, creates a “material passport” for building components. This gives the quality of the product, the origin and location of the material in a building or structure, as well as information on how it can be reused.

Arup noted in a press release he would help Madaster expand in Germany using his contacts with architects, developers and other construction companies, as well as with banks.

Jan Wurm, Research and Innovation Leader at Arup Europe, said: “Capturing the value of materials present in an asset through a materials passport is a key enabler for circular buildings and infrastructure.

“We have the unique opportunity to influence the market, helping developers and asset owners apply the principles of the circular economy at scale. “

Martin Pauli, Head of Foresight at Arup Europe, added: “We believe that materials databases are one of the pillars to unlock the transition to a more circular construction economy, so we are very happy to we partner with Madaster in Germany.

“We look forward to strengthening our collaboration with a range of industry players and helping our customers on their journey to sustainability.”

Image: Madaster’s Material Passport (Madaster)

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