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SAN DIEGO, September 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Beam Global (Nasdaq: BEEM, BEEMW), the leading provider of innovative sustainable technologies for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media and energy security, announced that ‘he exhibited at The Utility Expo at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. The EV ARC ™ solar-powered charging system will be on display at booth K-129 on Tuesday, September 28 and Wednesday, September 29 from 8:30 am to 5 pm ET and Thursday, September 30 from 8:30 am to 2 pm ET.

The Utility Expo is the largest event for utility professionals and construction contractors looking for the latest technologies, innovations and industry trends. Cities increasingly require contractors to limit noise on construction sites, remove harmful fumes from diesel generators, and improve community safety by banning or limiting the storage and transport of liquid fuel. Compact electric machines appear to be an ideal solution and they need on-site power to recharge. Contractors can use EV ARC ™ Transportable Charging Systems to charge these machines. Utilities can provide electricity as a service to contractors in the early stages of projects, long before a grid connection is established.

The EV ARC ™ system generates and stores its own clean electricity and provides that electricity to power compact electric machines day and night, in inclement weather and in places where there is no electrical connection available. The transportable unit can be moved easily and does not require any connection to the electrical network.

“Volvo Construction Equipment is a world leader in compact electric machines used on construction sites that need clean, quiet, yet powerful equipment, but often have no electrical connection in the early stages of the project. The Utility Expo is a great venue for Beam to demonstrate the benefits and the latest enhancements of our rapidly deployable, renewable energy EV charging infrastructure products to an audience of construction contractors and utility professionals, ” said Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. “Combined with Volvo’s compact machines, the EV ARC transportable charging systems are perfect for contractors or utility operators who require a rapidly deployed and scalable EV charge. “

The historic $ 1 trillion infrastructure package is underway with Congress, including $ 7.5 billion for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Utilities, contractors and EV charging providers will be the main players in the massive construction of EV charging infrastructure during this decade. Locally generated, locally stored and locally delivered energy products decentralize energy production and are seen as an important element in solving future load planning challenges.

About Beam Global

Beam Global is a CleanTech leader producing innovative and sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media and energy security, without the construction, disruption, risk and cost of grid-related solutions. Products include the patented EV ARC ™ and Solar Tree® lines with patented BeamTrak ™ solar tracking and ARC Technology ™ energy storage, as well as EV charging, outdoor media and disaster preparedness packs.

The company develops, patents, designs, develops and manufactures unique and advanced renewable energy products that save customers time and money, protect the environment, empower communities and get people moving. . Based in San Diego, the company manufactures Made in America products. Beam Global is listed on the Nasdaq under the symbols BEEM and BEEMW (formerly Envision Solar, EVSI, EVSIW). For more information visit, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter

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