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Builders’ Merchants News – SR Timber Welcomes New National Building Products Regulator

The new body will have the power to withdraw any product posing a significant safety risk from the market and prosecute any company that violates product safety rules.

SR Timber welcomed the establishment of a new government regulator – a division of the Office for Product Safety and Standards that will have the power to take any product that poses a significant safety risk off the market and prosecute any company that violates the rules. on product safety – but believes it is long overdue.

SR Timber believes the government will step up the pressure on poor quality materials used in housing construction, as the new body will receive up to £ 10million to work closely with the building safety regulator and trade standards.

However, the leading importer of wood products and the UK’s largest importer of roof slats says reputable companies in the construction industry have been calling for such a body for years and it is a real shame that the terrible tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire is one of the reasons that prompted the government to act.

The company has long championed the use of quality products that meet British standards, and it has also openly criticized the ease with which low-quality or even fake materials can be used in the construction of a house – without real control of standards.

SR Timber Trading Director Shaun Revill said, “The government is to be commended for setting up the new OPSS division, and I hope it will have the teeth to end the use of poor quality materials in the construction industry – especially for houses and apartment buildings.

“On the other hand, the fact that the government has been forced to act suggests that this problem may be just the tip of the iceberg and that, despite the best intentions of agencies such as BSI, the rules are systematically flouted. It makes a mockery of the accreditations this country has in place, which are supposed to set the highest standards for quality and use.

“I have seen firsthand examples of roof slats used in the construction of houses that do not meet the requirements of British Standard BS 5534: 2014 + A2: 2018 – and it is so frustrating that there was nothing done. about that.

“Until now, the system has relied on eagle-eyed building inspectors or appeals to Trading Standards regarding clear and obvious cases of materials not meeting applicable standards.”

Adding a note of caution, Revill hopes the government’s commitment to phase out shoddy building materials has real substance.

“I sincerely hope that the creation of the new division of OPSS is not just a knee-jerk response so that the government can be seen to be acting in light of recent tragic events,” he said. “The introduction of the division could herald a new era for construction in the UK and the standards in place, and in doing so improve the quality of all the homes we build in this country.”

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