Construction materials

Building materials industry

The construction industry has continuously gone through a series of revolutions throughout history.

Advances in technology have also influenced the sector, from durable concrete in ancient structures to smart windows that open and close automatically based on light exposure.

The construction industry has always been important to the Iranian economy. The industry suffered badly after the United States pulled out of the 2015 deal four years ago and reimposed sanctions on Iran.

These measures have stifled imports of building materials. As a result, the steady flow of things like metals to Iran was seriously hampered and eventually completely stopped. But despite the bans, this industry continues to grow and is also one of the few to export services to other countries.

According to the Association of Iranian Technical and Engineering Services Exporters, Iran currently has the potential to export engineering services worth $40 billion per year.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, Iran is self-sufficient in the production of building materials. Steel, glass and cement are abundantly produced in the country. In addition, the surplus of these items is exported to countries around the world.

Overall, the government sees the construction sector as a feasible alternative to generate foreign revenue and diversify the country’s economy away from oil profits.

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