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Building Materials Procurement Platform Offers Same Day Delivery

The construction industry relies on a complex balance between the right materials and effective project management. The Onfleet customer TOOLBX is an all-in-one building materials procurement platform for residential and commercial contractors that delivers materials directly to the job site the same day they are ordered. TOOLBX drives construction projects forward by ensuring that materials always arrive on time. From the start, TOOLBX has partnered with Onfleet to help make this possible for its ever-growing customer base of professional builders.

Last minute requests for last mile construction needs

With 60% of TOOLBX building material orders the day before, automatic routing and route optimization is essential. Onfleet takes care of this transparently, so the TOOLBX team can focus on customer service, order fulfillment and more.

“Auto-routing is like having a smarter employee sitting next to you doing tasks. Routing suggestions are more efficient and generally provide routes that I might not have thought of. Plus, it’s very user-friendly for dispatchers, ”says Brad Anderson, COO at TOOLBX.

The pandemic has also caused an increase in demand, as contractors have turned to TOOLBX as a lifeline to keep important projects going without delays due to material expectations.

TOOLBX has helped builders overcome major hurdles that would have derailed deadlines, such as not being able to get to stores for materials or the 2 day wait for curbside delivery.

“Even with the huge increase in volume, Onfleet was able to keep pace and didn’t crash due to peak usage. While other routing platforms are static, Onfleet was able to handle on-the-fly adjustments to add or remove jobs based on material shortages. That alone has helped earn the loyalty and trust of our customers, ”adds Anderson.

With the lifting of restrictions on big box stores in Canada, the TOOLBX team is working to further reduce wait times for customers. Their express delivery option gets materials into the hands of builders within two hours. Onfleet provides the logistics, real-time tracking and GPS support to make this feat possible.

Onfleet helps dispatchers, drivers and customers

Not only does TOOLBX’s in-house sales team love using Onfleet, it has also brought fun and popular features to delivery drivers and end customers. In an industry that is rapidly changing compared to traditional, manual pencil-and-paper processes, with Onfleet, drivers are on board in 10 minutes. Customers are reassured by real-time driver tracking and proof of delivery features. This helps build that trust between drivers, suppliers and the end customer. Each party can go back and view photos from previous deliveries to verify that the correct material was delivered or rectify any errors.

Help TOOLBX grow across Canada

TOOLBX’s building materials platform is currently available to builders in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver and is expanding further to other major cities across Canada this year.

“We know we can scale and create new cities because Onfleet is reliable and easy to use. He is there for us wherever we want to do business next. We went from Ontario to Vancouver and are now looking to cover all of Canada, ”says Anderson.

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