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CEMEX and Carbon8 Systems Partner to Develop Low Carbon Construction Products

CEMEX announced that it is working with Carbon8 Systems to assess the company’s patented Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technology and how CO2 captured during the cement production process can be used to develop low carbon construction products, such as alternative aggregates.

UK-based Carbon8 Systems is a leader in permanent CO capture2 and mineralization of thermal tailings to create sustainable carbon infused products. The company has developed a patented chemical process called Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) where industrial residues are treated with captured CO2 emissions to transform them into high-value, low-carbon products.

ACT has made a significant contribution to the circular economy for over 10 years, delivering business and environmental benefits that include diversion of waste from landfills, permanent capture of CO2 and replace carbon-intensive products with sustainable, low-carbon alternatives. ACT is applied to several industries, including cement, waste-to-energy, biomass, among others.

Both the CEMEX and Carbon8 systems recognize the benefits of mineralization as a carbon sink. Therefore, they can explore the application of the technology to different by-products as well as the manufacture of products such as alternative aggregates and additional cementitious materials.

As part of this initiative, Carbon8 Systems will assess CEMEX by-products and how they can be used to develop low-carbon or even negative-carbon products through ACT. The initial objective of the program will be to assess the by-products of CEMEX’s Ru¨dersdorf cement plant in Germany and the Rugby cement plant in the United Kingdom. They will also assess the suitability of a lightweight aggregate product created from the by-products for sale in each market. The program could then be rolled out to other CEMEX cement sites.

“This initiative with Carbon8 Systems is another example of the work we are doing with partners from all sectors, universities and startups to harness the latest innovations and disruptive technologies to achieve our ambition of delivering net zero CO2.2 globally to all of our customers, ”said Juan Romero, Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Business and Operations, CEMEX.

John Pilkington, Managing Director of Carbon8 Systems, said: “We are delighted that CEMEX has asked us to work with them; our carbonation technology, demonstrated in cement plants in Europe and Canada, provides CEMEX and the global cement industry with a proven CCUS solution.

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