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Construction material miners ready to help rebuild flood-affected KZN infrastructure

Aspasa, formerly known as the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of South Africa, reports that building materials miners are ready to help the KwaZulu-Natal provincial government and construction companies repair roads and critical infrastructure that have been damaged in recent severe flooding.

Sand and aggregates represent approximately 70% by volume of the material that will be needed for soil stabilization, road works and construction work to repair damaged infrastructure.

No estimate has been presented, but Aspasa believes that several thousand tons of stabilization material will be needed to recover land lost to erosion as a result of their erosion.

Road aggregates, sand and stone for concrete, aggregates for railway ballast and a variety of other uses must also be purchased.

Director of Aspasa Nico Pienaar claims that some of the largest and best managed quarries in South Africa are located in KwaZulu-Natal and, combined with other such mines in the country, are easily able to meet future demand.

“All of our members in the province have households and workers who have been affected by the floods. They see it as their responsibility to get involved and work together to rebuild the province as quickly as possible,” he said.

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport recently launched a pothole repair campaign to address damage to roads during flooding. “This is the type of project we want to support and help.

“There is a lot of work to do and our members are behind the construction heroes who are rebuilding our neighborhoods,” says Pienaar.

While construction and stabilization work must be carried out quickly, Aspasa recommends maintaining strict control over the quality of the materials used and that its members are used wherever possible to ensure that the infrastructure lasts beyond the next storm and for generations to come. come.

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