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Construction materials for the border wall remain at the Pharr site

Even though the Biden administration canceled border wall contracts in the Rio Grande Valley area, construction materials remain along the border.

In December, residents of Pharr complained about construction materials for dust walls being transported to neighboring houses. Now, the metal terminal plates are still there, even after the US Department of Homeland Security announced on Friday that it had canceled all border wall contracts in the valley.

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Meanwhile, the levees are being rebuilt under President Biden, but metal bollards are used.

“In New Orleans, when you approach the city, instead of raising the levees, they build walls on top of the existing levees,” said Bob Gilbert, geotechnical engineer at UT Austin.

However, in the valley, many dikes are not located near the edge of the Rio Grande, which calls into question why metal poles are needed above them.

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“It’s not typical for a flood wall above a dike to have something above the flood wall itself like this,” Gilbert said.

Construction equipment can still be seen advancing on the dike construction sites south of Mission.

DHS and the US Army Corps of Engineers were not immediately available for comment.

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