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Couple aims to build a customer-focused business under the name of YourWay Construction Management

Through Jeff Theodore, Contributing writer

MARLBOROUGH – After more than two decades in the construction business, William Johnson has heard his fair share of nightmarish stories from dissatisfied homeowners talking about construction projects gone wrong.

The most important takeaway Johnson says he’s learned over the years is to always keep the lines of communication – between contractors, carpenters, lay workers, customers and others – wide open.

“The ultimate goal is to be truthful,” Johnson says. “If there are any delays, make sure the customer knows about it. Everyone is much happier if they know what’s going on.

Johnson believes so strongly in customer satisfaction that he named his company YourWay Construction Management Inc. Founded in January of this year, the new company seeks to ensure that construction projects are done ‘the customer’s way. “.

“It’s not our way of doing things,” explains Laura Johnson, co-owner of Yourway Construction with her husband for 14 years. Laura takes care of the administrative affairs of the company.

Vowing that Yourway can save clients time and money, William says he has been preparing for several years to go it alone.

“I found a way to pay for the insurance and the license and have all of my certifications,” he says.

Typically, that’s not the case for many construction-related companies, according to his wife.

“There are so many people who aren’t licensed or insured, and because of that, they can get the job done for a lot less money,” Laura said. “But it also means that they cannot be held responsible if an accident should occur.”

“When you hire someone who isn’t insured, you can’t make a claim,” she said. “My husband, who has all his licenses and [went above and beyond to be] trained by the Army Corps of Engineers, wanted to make sure people had something to fall back on in case something happened.

Homeowners also cannot file an insurance claim against a contractor who fails to perform their duties, quits work, or fails to show up for work unless that contractor is both licensed and insured.

William also tells every new customer that he can take care of just about anything on the surface. He notes, however, that he has no control over what may be hiding downstairs.

“When you start digging, you have no idea what can happen with the foundations, etc. He said.

In a somewhat similar vein, when William and his wife founded Yourway amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they had no idea what would happen.

“Because of COVID, the start was a bit difficult,” he said. “Materials prices skyrocketed… Also, the availability of materials was a challenge as factories were closed. ”

Recently, however, the couple said prices for lumber, in particular, had started to drop by as much as 20% over the past month. As such, they contacted clients to reset the potential costs of renovation projects.

While COVID may have slowed the start of his business, William says he thinks the pandemic has opened the eyes of homeowners to consider upgrading their homes rather than selling them.

“In this market, investing money in your home over the long term will be more valuable than selling your home,” he says. “It’s more cost effective to use home equity to update it and as people are spending more time at home than ever before, their wishlists have grown dramatically. ”

Depending on the size of the renovation projects, William says he aims to complete them within four months.

“That being said, some items such as decks and railings that used to take two weeks to receive now require four to six weeks,” he says. “And with the weather we’ve had this summer, a lot of contractors are running behind schedule, so it’s slow to get quotes or set dates to put on their calendars.”

Nonetheless, the Johnsons believe the future of their construction management business is bright. Over the next year or so, William says he intends to hire a senior carpenter who will be on every job site and serve as an envoy between him and the clients.

In the meantime, Laura says she has heard that her husband’s reputation predates on the popular Next Door mobile app, where potential customers search for people who do carpentry jobs.

“There are people that Billy worked with eons ago who are contacting him now because they are delighted with his abilities, so that means something,” she said.

Individuals can contact YourWay Construction Management at [email protected] or by phone at 774-245-3629. Learn more at

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