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Cut Inflation Act Boosts Jurisdictions Energy Code Updates, Green Building Materials

Building on last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act, the recently signed Inflation Reduction Act provides $1 billion to support jurisdictions seeking to adopt, update and improve implementation of current energy codes. The International Code Council has worked with policy makers to support the resources provided. These resources will help communities:

  • Update their energy codes
  • Support the development, verification and use of low-carbon building materials
  • Encourage energy-efficient retrofits and distributed power generation, including solar thermal and small-scale wind

Specifically, the new legislation provides resources to help communities looking to update their building energy needs by adopting codes and standards that meet or exceed the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and IECC 2021 net zero annexes. The bill makes other historic investments in sustainable construction, including $350 million through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for work to improve the standardization of low-grade building materials. in carbon thanks to environmental product declarationsas well as assisting the manufacturing industry to use and validate EPDs more widely. Learn more here.

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