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Doosan DL200, DL220, DL250 Dash 7 wheel loaders


April 4, 2022

The Doosan DL200-7, DL220-7 and DL250-7 wheel loader models are Dash 7 upgrades that have redesigned cabs, increased bucket capacities and new fuel-saving technologies. They replace the Dash 5 models.

Every Doosan Dash 7 Series wheel loader can be equipped with an optional transparent bucket.

Additional Dash 7 technologies include:

  • The Doosan Smart Guidance System analyzes the driving habits of the operator and provides guidance on the Doosan Smart Touch Screen during operation to increase efficiency.
  • An improved load isolation system improves wheel loader stability while traveling, which can reduce cycle times, increase productivity and increase fuel efficiency.
  • The new Doosan Smart Load weighing system tells the operator the weight of the material in the bucket. All menus and settings are integrated into the Doosan Smart Touch screen.
  • The Doosan smart key is a key fob that can unlock the cab and enable push-button engine start.

The Doosan DL200-7 wheel loader is equipped with a hydrostatic drive system and a traction control management system that allows operators to adjust tractive force according to jobsite conditions. Traction modes include Max, for maximum traction force; traction control, which offers three levels of reduced tractive effort; and S mode, to operate on slippery roads.

Doosan DL200-7 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Power: 142 hp
  • Operating weight: 26,599 lbs.
  • Bucket Capacity: 2.6 cu. Mr.
  • Static tipping load, full turn: 19,705 lbs.
  • Dump height: 9’1″
  • Discharge reach, 45 degrees: 3 ft 4 in.

Doosan DL220-7 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Power: 160 hp
  • Operating weight: 29,098 lbs.
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.0 cu. Mr.
  • Static tipping load, full turn: 20,461 lbs.
  • Dump height: 9’3″
  • Discharge reach, 45 degrees: 3 ft 6 in.

Doosan DL250-7 Wheel Loader Specifications

  • Power: 172 hp
  • Operating weight: 30,528 lbs.
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.3 cu. Mr.
  • Static tipping load, full turn: 21,134 lbs.
  • Dump height: 9’3″
  • Discharge reach, 45 degrees: 3 ft 6 in.

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