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EarthCam improves connectivity with Autodesk Construction Cloud

October 8, 2021

EarthCam has released updates to its Autodesk Construction Cloud integration.

EarthCam’s live jobsite cameras can now capture and deliver images to Autodesk Build, a project management and field execution solution, as well as BIM 360 and PlanGrid.

The company says its engineers ensure that actionable visual information is quickly available for each new feature as Autodesk expands the capabilities of Autodesk Build. Many of EarthCam’s existing Autodesk Construction Cloud integrations are already fully compatible with Autodesk Build.

“Through our long-standing partnership with Autodesk, we are committed to adding as many new image integration features as possible at no additional cost to customers,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “We pride ourselves on providing VDC teams with visual data that improves collaboration, mitigates project risk, and enables data-driven decision making from a powerful platform. “

On the design side, the full use of live construction cameras is emerging as the new standard for VDC teams, says EarthCam. He responded by merging real-time webcam images with Autodesk products, connecting projects throughout their lifecycle. Intelligent new perspectives of construction sites are created by infusing Navisworks or Revit 3D models with EarthCam’s 360 degree imagery, providing insight and clear visual evidence of progress. Synchronized live camera feeds are meshed with model views, and users can zoom in on architectural details while immediately seeing the corresponding model alignment.

According to James Cook, Integration Manager at Autodesk Construction Solutions, “By integrating EarthCam’s real-time visual imagery with Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions, EarthCam enables our mutual customers to make condition-based project management decisions. in real time of their projects. . “

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