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El Paso company takes recycling to the next level by reusing building materials


EL PASO, Texas — Friday is Earth Day. Companies, like El Paso Recycling Inc., are working hard to become more environmentally friendly.

The company prides itself on being the only construction and demolition recycling facility in the area. It is important to note that the company is not tied to the city’s recycling program.

They partner with construction sites and collect anything that is not a hazardous material like wood, concrete, wallboard. Then the company turns that into products.

“The products that we make, that we keep out of the landfill, are reused in different types of soil amendments, dust control products, which in our region is extremely important,” said Gilbert Garcia, vice president and Chief Operating Officer. “We have a patented road repair product that we make from recycled roofing shingles.”

The company also manufactures mixed wood and mulch for playgrounds. Every day, the company works on its mission to turn something that might seem like trash into something practical.

“We can give these products a second, third, or fourth life without ever seeing the landfill,” Garcia said. “We’d like to say that we don’t do cradle to grave, we do cradle to cradle to cradle to cradle because these products have that kind of durability.”

Their products are available to everyone in the El Paso and New Mexico area.

To learn more about pricing and how to partner with El Paso Recycling Inc., Click here.

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