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Electric Volvo construction equipment can now be ordered with a solar-powered charger

Beam Global and Volvo CE (the arm of the company that manufactures construction equipment) today announced a partnership that will allow customers to bundle electric vehicles and charging equipment into a single purchase.

In addition to, for example, an L25 electric wheel loader, customers can also purchase an off-grid, emission-free and license-free charging station for their construction site. Beam claims that the solar charger requires no complex wiring and generates and delivers electricity independent of the grid.

The manufacturer claims that the solar panel can be installed in minutes. As it is off-grid, it can also be set up anywhere, making it as useful in remote locations as it is in big cities.

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“The construction industry has an opportunity to future-proof its business against noise, carbon emissions regulations and volatile fossil fuel costs by embracing electric machinery,” said Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Beam Global. “By supplying our sustainable electric vehicle charging systems alongside Volvo’s best electric machines, we are enabling this transition in the fastest, cleanest and most scalable way available. We are proud to partner with Volvo CE to electrify the construction industry. »

As well as being practical for a number of construction sites, solar power is completely renewable and free of local emissions. This makes these silent machines very environmentally friendly to use, compared to traditional construction equipment.

“The Volvo CE range of zero-emission construction equipment can now be charged with a zero-emission power source provided by the EV ARC,” said Ray Gallant, vice president of product management and productivity at Volvo CE. “Beam Global shares our vision to electrify mobility worldwide, a crucial step towards mitigating climate change and reducing noise and air pollution.”

Customers will be able to bundle these solar chargers with their construction equipment through Volvo Financial Services, which offers leasing and financing options for the equipment.

“The construction industry is ready for an energy transition that reduces emissions and improves machine performance, longevity and usability,” Gallant said. “We are committed to an electric future and view Beam Global as a strategic partner on this journey.”

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