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Experts will review the building products testing system

housing secretary Robert Jenrick appointed two experts to conduct an independent review of the construction products testing system

Former government adviser and building expert Paul Morrell OBE will chair the independent panel to test building products, alongside legal expert Anneliese Day QC.

The review, announced earlier this year, will look at how to strengthen the current product testing system to ensure these materials are safe and perform as they do in the market.

It is part of the Government’s work program to reform and strengthen building safety regulations and comes after testimony from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry revealed evidence of irregularities in testing and potential backlash of the system by some manufacturers.

“Building product manufacturers may have played with the system”

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said: ‘The Grenfell Tower Inquiry has heard about suggestions that some building products manufacturers may have manipulated the system for testing these materials and compromised the safety of residents .

“We take these allegations very seriously and will await the final recommendations of the investigation, but it is clear that action is needed now to ensure that products used on buildings still meet the highest safety standards.

“I am pleased to appoint Paul Morrell OBE and Anneliese Day QC to lead this independent review of the building products testing system which will build on the significant progress we have already made in making buildings safer.”

The panel will engage with a wide range of stakeholders to gather their views on how the construction product safety testing system could be improved and will report back later this year with recommendations.

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