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Fashola asks for help against the theft of construction materials on the Lagos-Badagry highway

The Minister of Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), on Friday called on residents along the Lagos-Badagry highway to resist the theft of building materials from the site for the speedy completion of the project.

Fashola appealed during an on-site inspection of the Lagos-Badagry highway project.

He said he received reports that some people took sand from the construction site to use for their buildings and other purposes, noting that such actions would lead to the deterioration of the road, while it was still under construction.

He said the Lagos-Badagry highway reconstruction/rehabilitation project now has regular funding unlike before.

He added that the early 2023 target for the completion of the expressway depends on factors such as weather, traffic management and community cooperation.

Fashola called on communities along the project corridor to be patient and compliant with traffic management efforts due to the impact of rainfall on the project.

“I think the progress of the work speaks for itself. The main problem on the Lagos-Badagry highway has always been financing and budgeting, now which has been significantly solved with the NNPC tax credit scheme.

“So the entrepreneur is progressing as you can see. And even as the work continues, you have heard from one of the traditional leaders we spoke to this morning, the Oba of Ibereko (Oba Israel Okoya).

“And he said that their travel times had been drastically reduced; places that previously took them three hours are now less than 10 minutes away by car.

“And the work is continuing, you can see we’re standing on an almost completed part of the road,” he said.

He called for patience on the part of road users as the construction work continued with the rainy season likely to cause inconvenience to road users.

“I am doing a real assessment of the progress, you are standing on concrete and asphalt portions as I told you. On one side we have 16 kilometers of single track apart from the completed double track. We we’re going to transfer the work to the other side.

“You saw at the beginning of the Agbara area where earthworks are going on, you saw some of the parts that were covered by FERMA (Federal Roads Maintenance Agency) around LASU (State University of Lagos).

“And the Lagos State Government is working on the section to Eric Moore; so, this is progress,” he said.

He also recalled that Nigeria had welcomed ministers from Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo and the Republic of Benin a fortnight ago because of the importance of the highway, within the framework of the Lagos-Abidjan axis.

He said the link, approximately 1,048 kilometers, was a strategic investment that Nigeria was helping to boost West African trade and the local community.

Earlier, Onibereko of Ibereko land, Oba Thomas Okoya, a traditional leader of one of the communities in the completed sections of the road, thanked the federal government for the project, which had alleviated traffic congestion.

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