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ForneyVault® Launches ForneyField™ Mobile App for End-to-End Building Materials Testing Workflow | State


PITTSBURGH, February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ForneyVault®an integrated building materials testing platform, launched ForneyFielda mobile app allowing concrete field technicians to capture site and sample data from the field to the lab and beyond, providing an end-to-end solution for the construction materials testing (CMT) workflow ).

ForneyField streamlines complex CMT workflows for increased alignment, productivity and profitability.

ForneyField is a comprehensive tool for field technicians, lab and project managers, and senior engineers who subscribe to ForneyVault and use ForneyTools as their essential concrete testing software. Powered by the ForneyVault platform, the app bridges the data gap between field technicians, lab and project managers, office staff, and other key construction players.

“ForneyField represents the natural evolution of Forney’s solutions and fully unifies our platform,” said Scott Grumski, Vice President, Platform Development, Forney LP. “While ForneyVault and ForneyTools software are focused on the lab, the field is where the physical process of capturing samples for testing begins. To address the information gaps that often occur when doing this work manually, the sequential nature of the application reflects the reality of the workflow for field technicians and allows them to quickly capture and claim sample data, then track specimens cast from that sample and transmit information to the lab. ForneyField will provide greater on-site accountability for field managers and technicians, create more efficient and automated CMT workflows, and ultimately result in greater profitability for ForneyVault customers and greater great security for their customers.”

Field technicians can use the app to create new samples and record sample data when a new batch of concrete arrives on site. They can enter sample ID, ticket number, placement, date and more wet concrete information directly into ForneyField with no internet connection required. When synced with an internet connection, data is automatically stored in the ForneyVault database to inform next steps, streamlining complex CMT workflows for increased alignment, productivity and profitability.

Users can filter concrete samples in ForneyField in several ways: sample ID, project ID, location, date and status. The application requests a chain of custody for each sample: Cast, Assigned, Claimed, Collected and Delivered. This allows technicians to claim a sample that has not been received at the lab or managers to designate someone else to collect it. When a technician calls for or is instructed to take a sample, the app displays a map with pins showing exactly where they are, eliminating the need to search a large job site for the small area where the specimens are.

This feature not only benefits new technicians or those who have never visited a specific site before, but also avoids the problem of an unclaimed sample remaining behind and not arriving at the lab in time for testing. It also helps construction companies avoid penalties for improper curing or late or missing testing.

With ForneyField, there are fewer delays caused by unclaimed or missing samples and more time saved in CMT workflows because teams can easily validate lab tests against fieldwork and avoid errors in communication and differences.

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About Forney LP and ForneyVault®

Forney LP is an innovator and distributor of materials testing equipment based in Zelienople, Pennsylvaniawith additional facilities in Aurora, Colorado. Forney is the creator of ForneyVault®, an auditable and tamper-proof materials testing system. Forney focuses on materials testing equipment for cementitious materials such as cement, mortar, grout and concrete for the construction industry, downhole cement and propping materials for the oil and gas industry, and general metal testing. Forney sells its products in more than 75 countries. For more information, visit and

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