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GlassWRX uses Doosan wheel loaders to turn glass into construction products

GlassWRX processes approximately 135 tonnes of soda lime glass per day on three production lines.

Suitable for recycling glass

When selecting their wheel loaders for this application, GlassWRX looked for reliable parts availability, which Doosan supplies through the distribution center located near Suwanee, GA. Operator comfort was another key factor in their decision. Their DL220-5 wheel loaders feature a pneumatic seat and the ability to easily adjust the controls, especially to improve operator comfort.

“You can use one of these machines for several hours without getting back pain or knee pain, or whatever else that happens if the machine isn’t very comfortable,” Graham explains.

Responsive controls were also important for GlassWRX, ​​to provide the operator with more precision when loading glass into the crusher and stacking the ECM into transport trucks.

“It’s almost like using a video game controller,” he continues. “It is very easy for the operator to adapt to the use of the machine and have it do what you want. “

He adds that the GlassWRX facility is a busy resort, and they certainly appreciate the standard rear view camera which improves operator visibility.

“Without this camera you would probably be at risk of hurting property and people, especially on a site like this where there are people around all the time,” Graham said. “I can minimize the risk of property damage and see when there are people behind the machine. I think this is probably the best safety device on the machine.”

In addition, easy access points and straightforward maintenance checks ensure the efficiency of their chargers’ daily maintenance routines, according to Graham, so that he can focus most of his time on recycling work. glass. It indicates that easily visible lubrication points and fluid ports are two of the biggest benefits of maintenance.

To further increase the maintenance efficiency of its wheel loaders, GlassWRX uses DoosanCONNECT telematics. This diagnostic tool allows their crew to digitally monitor the health, location and productivity of their wheel loaders and receive alerts on maintenance notifications. The company also plans to integrate DoosanCONNECT telematics into its larger facility monitoring system.

“All of our facilities are designed so that we can monitor everything that is happening through the computer and track maintenance events,” says Graham. “Being able to connect these machines to the same system is one of the things I thought about when purchasing. So far, these machines are just perfect for the way we use them. ”

Laura Miller is a strategic communications specialist based in Des Moines, Iowa. This article was submitted by Doosan Infracore North America, LLC.

This article originally appeared in the September 2021 issue of Recycling Product News, Volume 29, Number 6.

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