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GMO launches Portfolio Construction, a management platform for RIAs

In development for nearly a decade and with three years of early user feedback and input from fiduciary financial advisors, global investment manager GMO today announced the launch of what it calls Nebo, which is short for needs-based optimization platform.

The open-architecture platform is intended to provide optimal portfolio construction and minimize the risk of shortfall. It is based on the idea that “the main investment risk for clients is not short-term market volatility, but rather not having the financial resources you need, when you need them. “.

At the heart of Nebo is a proprietary multi-period gap optimizer that builds portfolios, which minimizes the risk of asset gaps, according to the announcement. Advisors who want to better understand the platform’s underlying methodology can access a lengthy white paper (requires registration) on the GMO website.

The platform is intended to serve as a system of record for all building and portfolio management activities of an RIA business.

“Nebo allows advisors to maintain their investment philosophy while adding intellectual rigor to the choices they make for their clients and the tests they can perform to be sure those choices best meet their clients’ needs. said Martin Tarlie, a member of GMO’s asset allocation team. Nebo team and product manager, in a statement.

To read an in-depth white paper and for more information, advisors can head to Nebo-GMO.

Nebo was also a winner in the “Industry Disruptor” category of the Industry Awards, the winners of which were announced Thursday.

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