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Grove Jib Extension speeds up incline work

Grove now offers a heavy-duty boom extension for its GRT9165 all-terrain crane that it says increases setup time for tipping jobs.

The 12.5 foot boom is designed with two sheaves, for up to four line parties, and is hydraulically offset from 0 to 50 degrees. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 68,600 pounds.

The heavy-duty boom was designed for the precast concrete panel market, and Miron Construction is the first customer to use the new boom, according to Grove. The size of concrete panels is growing along with the demand for tilting construction, Grove says, with panels averaging 12 feet wide, over 24 feet high and weighing up to 60,000 pounds.

“It takes a larger crane to lift and rotate the concrete panels and place them vertically into place,” said Pete Klosterman, executive vice president, field resources for Miron, in a prepared statement. “Our prefabrication work has a short duration and we wanted to minimize transport and installation costs.”

Grove dealer American State Equipment and Grove’s product development team worked together to develop the boom extension to make it specifically designed for prefab.

“We took Miron’s feedback to develop preliminary graphics and stayed in close contact throughout the testing phase, making real-time changes to deliver a final product that meets market needs from the first moment. day,” said John Bair, Grove’s All-Terrain Product Manager. , in a report.

In June, Miron used the boom to install signs for a new high school in western Wisconsin. The GRT9165 was configured with its full 56,800 pound counterweight and operated at a maximum peak height of 124 feet, with a radius of 50 feet and zero degree offset.

“It’s great to have the ability to raise and lower the boom to increase or decrease separation as needed, and it’s quick and easy to install and uninstall the boom,” said Luke Rathke, Superintendent of the project at Miron, in a press release.

The long crane boom combined with the heavy duty boom is a plus when working within height limitations. This has already allowed Miron to win more industrial jobs, including in large paper mills where overhead piping and ducting limit access to other types of mobile cranes.

“The GRT9165 with the heavy duty boom is the perfect package for what we need,” Klosterman said. “It has strong capabilities and precision for precast and it’s a solid all-rounder for the widest range of jobs we do. We need to be more efficient and versatile in how we approach our tasks. You need to stay ahead of the game, and it helps when the gear we use can make that possible.

The Heavy Duty Boom Extension is available to order on all new Grove GRT9165 All Terrain Cranes and as a retrofit for field cranes.

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