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HazTek Intros Safety Leadership Program

HazTek announced its Leading Safely approach to safety leadership, which is designed to help industry leaders transform their organizations in ways that reduce risk, improve team morale, and open pathways to better financial performance.

Designed to reinvent EHS as a core function of the building process, Leading Safely is a holistic approach that partners with businesses to create a new era in EHS leadership – working both top-down and bottom-up at the top. HazTek’s experienced consultants begin by helping leaders and teams assess where their organization currently stands in terms of security – and where they need to focus to realize the full benefits of improved security performance. Then, they work with key leaders in the organization to transform mindsets, modernize security systems, and develop security leadership skills.

HazTek’s Leading Safely challenges the current definition of safety success by expanding our current focus on behaviors and outcomes to include positive mindsets and good decision-making. The program is designed to build on HazTek’s safety management capabilities and incorporate the most up-to-date knowledge of human performance and safety system design and implementation.

HazTek Principal Consultant Matthew Vane Phillips guides and implements the company’s Leading Safely approach. Phillips’ transformational change and leadership experience, along with his focused creative and consultative energy, have helped business leaders, project security managers, and organizations develop and implement modernizations. and advances in security approaches that lead to lasting breakthroughs in security performance.

Phillips brings more than 17 years of global consulting experience to the firm and has worked with business leaders and governments to create meaningful results on some of the world’s largest and most complex projects across a range of industries. industries, including energy, high technology and infrastructure. He strives to help organizations and their teams break down barriers to performance potential, achieving results beyond what is foreseeable or considered feasible.

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