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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas focused on wheel loaders until late February. But then the John Deere-Hitachi joint venture for excavators was dissolved. It now finds itself managing a product line of excavators and a mining division from its headquarters in Newnan, Georgia.

The company’s achievements since March 1 include a new parts distribution center, more than tripling its staff, signing 12 North American dealer organizations and launching its first three Hitachi-built excavators.

The first three excavators include the ZX50U-5N and ZX26U-5N compacts, and the 164 horsepower ZX210LC-6. The compacts fall into high-demand categories and are basically the same as their Deere predecessors, says product manager Rob Orlowski, director, product management and engineering.

The 50,265-pound ZX210LC-6 is the first Hitachi-built machine that differentiates itself from the JV models, he says. The first of these is the new Trias II hydraulic system, which uses three pumps instead of two, to deliver optimum amounts of pressurized oil to each actuator. It also features Hitachi’s ConSite telematics package, which is free and transferable for the lifetime of the machine. The ZX210LC-6 includes a new oil monitoring technology called ConSite Oil which monitors hydraulic oil.

The unit has a 14% heavier counterweight, which increases lifting capacity by up to 10%, Orlowski says, and a heavy-duty boom is now standard.

Dealers get on board

HCMA has signed up 12 dealer organizations with the aim of adding 13 more by the start of 2023, says Simon Wilson, vice president of sales. This will give HCMA full coverage of the United States and Canada. Some of the dealers were Hitachi wheel loader dealers, some are multi-line, but all contacted HCMA to register, Wilson says.

The company has grown from 50 to 175 employees, Wilson says, and more need to be hired. He said the company received nearly 3,000 high-quality applicants.

In December, the company took over a parts warehouse outside of Atlanta. Despite a delay in receiving shelves of parts, he was able to stock and open the facility on March 1.

Wilson and Orlowski both cited enthusiasm within the organization not only for what has been accomplished in such a short time, but also for what the next year has in store. A range of new products will roll out over the remainder of 2022, Orlowski said, culminating in his exhibits at Conexpo 2023 in Las Vegas.

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