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Hilti adds features to Jaibot

Hilti has released new features for the Hilti Jaibot, a semi-autonomous mobile drilling robot.

The Jaibot now has the ability to drill into corrugated metal ceilings and concrete walls. The robot also has a range of new features to improve operator safety, ease of use and precision.

To support complex ceiling types, the Jaibot can now identify and map installed profiles of corrugated decking structures, align to digital plans, and automatically match planned drill holes to predefined installation areas. To avoid obstacles such as existing installations or structural elements, Jaibot detects these objects and can adjust its working area and arm movements accordingly. Additionally, it can drill and mark holes in vertical concrete walls at heights between 0.9 and 4.8 meters. As in the past, the Jaibot performs drilling tasks automatically while the intuitive user interface allows the operator to ensure optimum placement and control.

Hilti is also launching a range of features to improve safety, simplify use and improve accuracy. Giving workers even greater dust protection, the Jaibot’s vacuum system can be upgraded to deliver up to 30% better dust collection performance. The integration of a new sensor system improves the accuracy of drilling depth and distance measurement. On the Hilti cloud application, customers benefit from new 2D structural floor or installation plan upload options that allow for increased background information, improved user management and filtering by diameter to establish drill path and plan execution, plus enhanced reporting with features like Field-to-BIM data and drill progress. An option to export data and print a 2D plan for possible retouching in the field is also available.

Since its introduction in late 2020, Jaibot has been deployed on many construction projects around the world, helping mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors meet productivity, safety and labor shortage challenges. work. The new features affirm the brand’s commitment to providing a robotic solution that helps customers where they need it most.

“When we first announced the Hilti Jaibot, we promised customers that we would listen and learn what it needs to successfully automate jobsite tasks,” says Julia Zanona, product manager for the Jaibot. “We are confident that the new features meet the needs of our Jaibot customers and are a clear sign that we are committed to continuously improving worker productivity through automation.”

Source: Hilti

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