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Industry Launches Post-Grenfell Code for Construction Products | New

A new construction product information code was launched today after it was announced earlier this year following testimony during the ongoing public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.

Called on Construction Product Information Code (CCPI), it was developed by the Marketing Integrity Group (MIG) of the Construction Products Association (CPA) which was tasked with addressing issues raised in Dame Judith Hackitt’s 2018 Building Safety Report.

Its report looked at how to prevent fires like the one at Grenfell Tower – which killed 72 people in June 2017 – and concluded that the way construction products are tested, presented and marketed needed a radical overhaul.

Speaking about the new code, Hackitt said, “Clear and unambiguous product information is a critical part of restoring the trust that was lost after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. I am happy to see the industry taking action.

Its development also follows a 2019 survey by MIG, which gathered more than 500 responses from across the industry on how the presentation of product information needs to change.

The new code consists of 11 clauses that manufacturers of products that register agree to abide by.

It will be managed by Construction Product Information Ltd, a newly formed non-profit organization with independent governance and management.

Adam Turk, President of CPA’s Marketing Integrity Group, said, “The principle of the code itself has received overwhelming support as we strive to restore confidence in building products in general.

“Now is the time for our industry to demonstrate its integrity by adhering to the code and putting building safety first. “

The second module of Phase Two of the Grenfell Tower Fire Investigation learned how insulation manufacturers Kingspan and Celotex rigged fire tests in order to market hazardous combustible insulation products as safe to use in high-rise residential buildings.

In January, the government announced the creation of a new construction products regulator that will have the power to withdraw any product that poses a significant safety risk from the market and prosecute any company that violates product safety rules.

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