Construction materials

Iran and Kyrgyzstan discuss cooperation. in the field of building materials

Representatives of Bishkek City Council met with Sojudi, the general secretary of Iran SCOCOEX event, and they negotiated on the Iranian construction materials market.

At the start of this meeting, the General Secretary of the Iran SCOCOEX Event said, “We anticipate that holding the Iran SCOCOEX Event in both parts of the conference and expo in mid-October 2022 will be a synergy and increase economic cooperation between private enterprises and Shanghai Cooperation States, so by holding this event, we will witness a new chapter of economic relations in line with peace and development.”

This event has various aspects in various economic sectors and soon perfect negotiations between private and public sector managers will take place, he said.

“Considering that Iran is a country with a lot of capacity in the field of manufacturing industries and knowledge-based enterprises, we must familiarize ourselves with the capacities of Kyrgyzstan and the variety of cooperation with private industries in this country”, he said.

The representative of the Kyrgyz delegation said, “Today’s meeting was aimed at providing construction materials to Kyrgyzstan.

As many business delegations have had very good experiences in construction and petrochemical industries in Iran, the Kyrgyz delegation is willing to cooperate and purchase building materials, including oil paints, marble stones , steel, construction pipes, petrochemicals, etc., they added.

In addition, the Kyrgyz delegation, with the presence of Sultanov Toktoson, vice-president of the city council of Bishkek, Ismail F. Saeedkhmet, Kulikov Mizamidin and Yakupov Talaibek, vice-presidents of the city council of Bishkek and Salim Alizadeh, commercial representative of the Russia, met with Sojudi, the general secretary of the IranSCOCOEX event.

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