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JLG adds Bluetooth to Machine app

November 30, 2021

JLG has added Bluetooth connectivity to its Analyzer and Analyzer Reader feature in its JLG Mobile Control app, available for Android and iOS.

The Bluetooth enabled feature allows users to troubleshoot, calibrate or customize their scissors equipped with JLG mobile controls with a smartphone or tablet, says Ara Eckel, director of product management for JLG connected solutions.

“JLG is focused on replacing physical products with digital solutions,” he said in a statement. “The portable analyzer has been an essential tool for service technicians, owners and operators. Activating its features via Bluetooth through an app provides enhanced value and a new level of convenience to our customers and theirs. ”

The Bluetooth Analyzer feature allows users to view and change machine parameters through their mobile device through an interface similar to that of the physical analyzer. The Bluetooth Analyzer Reader allows users to view a summary of requested machine analyzer menus, as well as the ability to upload and share files through a user’s smart device. The two new Bluetooth enabled functionalities are added to the Remote Analyzer tool, currently available as an option on JLG CAN compatible ES and R Series aerial work platforms equipped with the JLG mobile control module. These new Bluetooth features will soon be available on the JLG RT and ERT off-road models.

“When developing the new Bluetooth features, we focused on maintaining consistency with our full suite of analysis tools,” Eckel explains. “Current customers can access the new functionality by simply updating the JLG Mobile Control app on their smartphone or tablet. New customers can download the most recent version of the JLG Mobile Control app (app versions: iOS – 2.0.0 / Android – 2.0.1) from Apple or Google Play stores.

Source: JLG

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