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JLG adds rotating telehandlers | construction equipment

The JLG R1370, R1385 and R11100 telehandlers are rotating units, designed in partnership with Dieci, as announced in September 2021.

The JLG brand line of rotary telehandlers have capacities ranging from 11,000 pounds to 13,000 pounds, with a maximum reach of 67 feet to 97 feet.

The R1370 and R1385 have four section booms. The R11100, the company’s tallest telehandler, features a five-section boom. According to the company, all boom sections are driven by cylinders and chains to allow for greater reach and greater lifting capacity.

The top frame rotates 360 degrees allowing for horizontal and vertical lifting and placement capabilities. They are equipped with front and rear scissor-type stabilizers with automatic leveling cylinders, which allow the operator to position the machine and then level the frame up to 6 degrees to compensate for uneven terrain.

Rotating telehandlers can be used in applications performed not only by traditional telehandlers, but also MEWPs when fitted with a platform attachment or rough terrain cranes when fitted with a lattice boom and a winch, potentially eliminating the need for cranes up to 97 feet, according to the company.

The R1370 telehandler is powered by a 134 horsepower Perkins diesel engine, and the R1385 and R11100 are fitted with 168 horsepower FPT diesel engines. All models are equipped with a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission and foam-filled tires.

Rotating telehandlers are equipped with an inching function that allows the operator to run the boom at optimum speed without putting the transmission in neutral. Finely tuned boom controls and soft stop slow the boom as it nears the end of its stroke for precise material lifting and placement.

A remote boom control feature allows the operator to maneuver the boom from outside the cab when obstacles prevent good visibility of the work area.

The telehandlers feature an intuitive operator interface and dual joystick proportional controls. The right joystick operates two functions: raise and lower the boom; and the tilt of the accessory, forwards and backwards. The left joystick controls boom extension and retraction, as well as turntable rotation.

JLG Telehandler Technology

Each model features automatic attachment recognition, Load Management Information System (LMIS) and Load Stability Indicator (LSI).

The automatic attachment recognition system recognizes the attachment at the end of the boom, alerts the operator for confirmation, then displays the appropriate load capacity chart. LMIS indicates whether the load is compliant and prevents any operation that violates the load table limits. LSI limits the functionality of the rotating telehandler when a load approaches its maximum capacity.

JLG has produced a promotional video, below.

JLG R1370 Telehandler Specifications

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 13,200 lbs.
  • Maximum lifting height: 67′
  • Maximum reach: 59′ 6″
  • Power: 134 hp

JLG R1385 Telehandler Specifications

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 13,200 lbs.
  • Maximum lifting height: 84′ 6″
  • Maximum reach: 72′ 6″
  • Power: 168 hp

JLG R11110 Telehandler Specifications

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 11,000 lbs.
  • Maximum lifting height: 97′
  • Maximum reach: 86′
  • Power: 168 hp

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