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K-Tec and Ashland Acquire Metalcraft of Georgia

K-Tec and Ashland announced the acquisition of Metalcraft of Georgia.

This acquisition provides a presence in the southeastern United States as well as an expanded Metalcraft brand product offering. The Metalcraft plant, located in Louisville, Georgia, will continue to operate under the direction of founder Dayton Ratzlaff who will continue to play an important role in the growth of the Metalcraft business.

K-Tec, Ashland and Metalcraft are all manufacturers of earth scrapers and accessories for the construction, mining and agricultural markets. Together, the three brands are part of the KA group. This addition to the KA group will capitalize on organizational efficiencies, including: shorter order lead times, as production capacities are increased; implement industry best practices across organizations to improve product design; purchasing synergies; maintenance support; and corporate culture.

“Metalcraft is an impressive organization that has developed a niche in the earthmoving industry,” said KA Group President and CEO Mike Palitsky. “The company has a culture of hardworking and humble experts who fit perfectly with our family values ​​in our Wisconsin locations. They have a proven track record of bringing innovative solutions to market that perfectly complement the breadth of our lines. of earthmoving products in the construction, mining and agricultural markets. I want to reassure Metalcraft dealers and customers that we are committed to maintaining the Metalcraft brand and existing product offerings. »

Metalcraft Founder Dayton Ratzlaff says, “We are thrilled to join the KA Group family in this new chapter in Metalcraft history. We see great benefits for our operations in building machines faster to meet the high demand for our products. I look forward to tapping into this newfound corporate power to allow our Georgia team to focus on our manufacturing strengths and continue to build our innovative equipment at exceptional value for earth-moving machinery around the world.

KA Group ownership, Kinperium Industries, will continue to invest in the new Georgia business site and actively support management’s focus on new product development and improved operational efficiencies across the business. the organization.

Source: KA Group

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