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Komatsu’s medium-term management plans

April 28, 2022

Komatsu Ltd. announced its three-year medium-term management plan, entitled “DANTOTSU Value—Together, to ‘The Next’ for sustainable growth”.

The company expects gradual demand growth in its core construction, mining and utility equipment business over the medium to long term. In the short term, however, he expects volatility to increase. Komatsu expects demand for semiconductors to continue to boom and expects to see “structural changes” amid the growing popularity of electric vehicles.

In this context, we strive to achieve our vision of developing safe, highly productive, smart and clean workplaces of the future, together with customers, through the growth strategies of the new medium-term management plan.

DANTOTSU Value integrates DANTOTSU Products (Machinery Advancement), DANTOTSU Service (Machine Operation Advancement) and DANTOTSU Solutions (Workplace Operation Advancement).

The management objectives in the new medium-term management plan include the same objectives of the previous plan – “Growth”, “Profitability”, “Efficiency” and “Financial situation” – as well as an additional ESG objective of the challenge to become neutral in carbon by 2050. Regarding shareholder return, while prioritizing investment concentration in growth areas, Komatsu will continue to work for stable shareholder dividends and maintain the policy of maintaining a consolidated payout ratio of 40% or more.

Source: Komatsu

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