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Make sure the price of building materials is under control: OPS to TN CM

Chennai, June 9 (PTI): AIADMK chief and former deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam on Wednesday urged Tamil Nadu chief minister Deputy Stalin to identify the root cause of the sharp rise in the price of building materials and to ensure that the price control.

“The rise in the prices of building materials has reached a new high that was not even prevalent in any other state,” Panneerselvam said in a letter to Stalin, a copy of which was shared with the media on Wednesday.

Citing press reports, Panneerselvam said the price of cement, hovering above Rs 440 per bag before the forced lockdown of COVID-19, was currently sold between Rs 500 and Rs 520.

“Likewise, a load of small gravel sold at Rs 3,500 was now retailed at Rs 5,000, while a load of 3,000 bricks sold at Rs 23,000 was now sold at Rs 27,000,” he said. -he declares.

He said the sale of building materials had declined due to the foreclosure in effect with the shutdown of real estate projects.

“The public is worried about whether building materials were being piled up in anticipation of huge demand after the lockdown was lifted,” he said.

“For this reason, people who have undertaken new construction activities or renovate existing properties by resorting to loans from financial institutions, are facing difficulties,” he said.

Panneerselvam pointed out that during the AIADMK regime, the then Chief Minister J Jayalailthaa introduced the “Amma Cement” program allowing low and middle income groups to buy bags of cement at low prices. subsidized.

“I ask the Chief Minister (MK Stalin) to pay close attention to the matter, to identify the root cause of the soaring prices of building materials and to ensure that the prices are brought under control. If necessary, the government may consider selling construction materials at subsidized rates, “he said. PTI VIJ LVN LVN

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