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Manufacturing plant promises environmentally sustainable building products for Vancouver Island

VICTORIA – A new manufacturing facility is arriving in southern Vancouver Island that will deliver innovative and environmentally sustainable building products for the construction industry.

Alexzi Building Solutions is investing $ 50 million in a project that she says will create 200 jobs in the region. The company will produce prefabricated panels from a mixture of sand, water and a proprietary ingredient that the company says is a greener alternative to concrete.

“The construction industry is crying out for change,” said Amber Simpson, CEO of Alexzi Building Solutions. “With the ability to produce this material in the factory, we will be able to save around 75% of construction time when assembling buildings. “

Simpson says that due to the material’s ecological properties, the product will have a huge impact on CO2 emissions into the environment. She says prefabricating the panels at a manufacturing facility before installation at a construction site will also speed up construction, saving both time and money.

The panels will be developed under the certified manufacturing program of Nexii Building Solutions of Vancouver.

“The construction industry is entering a period of substantial adjustment,” said Simpson. “The environmental concerns of traditional construction methods and the need for innovations that can improve efficiency make the product a perfect solution. “

Simpson says the panels offer ease of manufacture with fewer materials while providing endless design options. She says the product is fire and water resistant and is assembled on the job site by simply bolting the panels together.

Simpson says the decision to build a manufacturing facility on southern Vancouver Island was an easy one.

“We have the ingredients here to produce the material,” Simpson said. “It’s a sustainable material that’s going to break new ground in the construction industry and we’re seeing such growth on Vancouver Island right now – with our people and our homes – (that) we need a new material to be applied to our industry. “

Alexzi Building Solutions is currently looking for the best site in South Vancouver Island to house a 150,000 square foot facility.

“Our goal with our schedule right now is that we’ll be building our plant in the fall,” Simpson said. “I hope we will be up and running around this time next year.”

Simpson says the facility will be built from panels made at the Nexii Building Solutions factory located in Squamish.

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