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Nelson Township invites tenders for construction equipment | Local

Nelson Township supervisors have agreed to repost the equipment offers with the intention of opening all offers received in June. Supervisors will solicit bids for a road roller, excavator and dump truck, with and without operator, for the upcoming road works.

Supervisors will meet at 6:00 p.m. on May 25 to open tenders for number 2A crushed limestone and ditch cleaning.

The Tioga County 2022 Risk Mitigation Plan and County Response Operational Plan were adopted by the township at the May meeting.

Repairs to the community building have been discussed with the Nelson Volunteer Fire Department contract to have the repairs done by a local contractor. The building was damaged as fire equipment was moved from the part of the building housing the Nelson Fire Department. Repairs are estimated at less than $1,000 and will be paid for by the fire department.

Supervisors will meet with members of the fire department to update the current contract.

Supervisors have approved two land use permits allowing the construction of a pole barn and a new house at different locations in the township.

A resident will receive a property tax refund of $45.14, as approved by supervisors.

A QuickBooks upgrade was approved before the May 31 deadline. The secretary, Penny Jeffers, is currently using a 2019 version and updates are required to provide current tax information. No cost was provided at the meeting.The 27th Annual Tioga-Bradford Equipment Show is scheduled for June 30 and the Tioga County Servants’ Association Convention for October 6. Both will be held in Whitneyville.

Cost reduction efforts are still ongoing with the reduction in tipper size to 1.5 meters. The cost will be reduced from $70 per month to $55. Another option would be to pay per bag, but supervisors agreed that would not be the best plan financially. The local post office, commune and community building use the dumpster.

Nelson Township supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. on June 13.

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