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New leaders move away from fossil fuels at green construction equipment maker | Local company

“I graduated from Hutch-Tech on a Friday and started working for General Motors the following Monday,” he said. So began his long career with the car manufacturer.

Engineer Markus Sher lists newly equipped mobile light towers for events and construction.

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Fast forward to 2021, and Finch sees the potential to hire people at Viridi Parente in the low-income neighborhood where the plant is located.

“Part of our recognition is that the people who work here will need enveloping service,” said Finch. This could include help getting a GED, housing assistance, childcare or a bank account, he said.

“In many cases, other companies see them as limitations: ‘Can’t you get to work? So sorry you can’t work here, ”Finch said. “But we’re going to try to find ways to enable people who might otherwise be high-risk employees, to enable them to be good workers and strong citizens, and to grow and develop.”

Viridi Parente partners with a number of community organizations to help them with their hiring plans.

“In order to revitalize your neighborhood, it starts with business, manufacturing, and everyone should really be focusing on how we’re solving that,” Elsenbeck said. “Giving people opportunity and hope is just one great part of what we are all trying to do here.”

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