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NJ TRANSIT appoints Mohammed Nasim new CEO of construction: CEG

Mohammed Nasim was recently selected by New Jersey Transit (NJ TRANSIT) to be the agency’s new head of construction management.

Mohammed Nasim was recently selected by New Jersey Transit (NJ TRANSIT) to serve as the agency’s new head of construction management. He brings with him a rich experience of 30 years in the field of the realization of major transportation projects in the United States and abroad.

Nasim is well qualified for the position and is a professional engineer, certified construction manager and project management professional. He holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), along with other qualifications, and is a member of the Society of Construction Law.

Nasim, through his experience in the construction industry, has been involved in the delivery of major transportation projects and has acted as the owner’s representative for construction contracts totaling approximately $ 4 billion as responsible for contract administration and construction management.

In his many roles, Nasim has led the planning, design, agency coordination, permitting, procurement and construction of key bridge and tunnel projects in the United States and other countries. Previously, he worked at Amtrak, where he was the Project Manager for Gateway program projects, including the Hudson River Tunnel and the Portal North Bridge.

From an early age, building and construction appealed to Nasim, which determined his career choices.

“These are the kinds of challenges that arise when we build large, complex horizontal projects that interest me,” he told the Construction Equipment Guide in an exclusive interview. “This includes issues such as safety, quality, progress, third parties, stakeholders, acceptance and delivery, and post-construction issues. “

Nasim’s first construction job was in 1983 when he was appointed as a site engineer on World Bank-funded projects in West Africa. A few years later, he came to the United States to pursue graduate studies in civil engineering. In 1989, after the Loma Prieta earthquake in California, he worked on seismic modernization of bridges in the Bay Area, then worked on cable-stayed bridges over the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, the Strait Suspension Bridge de Carquinez, the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge and major railroad and transit bridge projects, tunnels and stations. He later moved into project management and construction management, working for railway and transit owners. Most recently, he was project manager of the Gateway program projects on the Northeast Corridor.

Projects also brought Nasim to the Middle East and Taiwan, experiences that brought him into contact with a wide variety of professionals around the world and many government and agency officials. This experience has been invaluable in helping navigate the issues associated with large projects which can be complicated by many unexpected factors and the need for understanding and diplomacy.

“I have learned the most from my projects in different parts of the world working with various teams,” he said. “What you learn at a young age makes the biggest difference. I fondly remember my experience as a young project manager when I supervised a Danish architect, a British designer and an Austrian contractor to finish in style. part the design and construction of a 525 foot long steel bridge with inclined steel box girder piers on concrete pile caps and a continuous auger [CFA] piles in a record time of 14 months thanks to the early involvement of the contractor [ECI] delivery.”

In 2008, Nasim served as resident engineer for a $ 2.4 billion turnkey Middle East rail metro project that was designed and built by a global team of 9,000 consultants and contractors, completing the design in one. record period of 16 months and substantial completion and commencement of beneficial use within record period of 21 months.

“This rail system offers a capacity of 24 trains per hour with 12 sets of cars carrying 3,000 passengers 150 seconds ahead. The construction work included an overhead viaduct, long span railway bridges, retaining walls, drilling and blasting, rock slope stabilization, nine stations, quayside gates, ballasted and direct-attached track, rail systems, operations control center, transmission lines, maintenance depot, utilities and other ancillary works . “

Almost two months after taking office, Nasim focused his efforts on dialogue with his staff and on knowing the files of current projects and plans for future initiatives.

“At this time, the successful completion of the Portal North Bridge project is my main goal,” he said. “We have several projects in various stages of completion and they are moving forward due to the strong sense of partnership between NJ TRANSIT and the general contractor community. We all share the same goal of building a strong, sustainable infrastructure that will withstand future hurricanes and meet the many transportation needs of residents of New Jersey and New York. People rely on us to get it right and the staff at NJ TRANSIT are extremely qualified and eager to do the job right. CEG

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