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Pennsylvania officials talk about infrastructure | Construction equipment

Lehigh Valley, Pa., Officials decide what to do with incoming federal infrastructure funding.

According to transport officials cited by Lehigh Valley Morning call, the region needs more than $ 4 billion to fund improvements to its roads and bridges over the next 25 years.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the $ 1 trillion bill President Joe Biden enacted in November, is expected to generate $ 550 billion over the next five years for U.S. infrastructure projects.

That means roughly $ 380 million for the Lehigh Valley, according to Becky Bradley, executive director of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.

“There are so many cool things that are going to be important in managing congestion, making the community safer and making the paths more accessible for bikes, pedestrians and people with reduced mobility,” she said.

The money would go through the Lehigh Valley Transportation Study, the Planning Commission’s sister agency, the Morning call noted.

After Biden signed the bill, PennDOT and regional planning agencies, such as the LVTS, developed strategies for the infrastructure projects, Bradley said.

“We spent hours and hours of meetings right after Thanksgiving to determine which projects in Lehigh Valley would continue and where new projects could be added to this new round of federal funding,” Bradley said.

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Source: Lehigh Valley Morning call

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