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Raken Construction Management by Raken, Inc.

Raken is the # 1 app for daily construction reports and land management. It is the easiest and fastest app for daily reports, scorecards, toolbox discussions and construction photos that save you time and money on your field reporting process.

Add construction photos, videos and attachments to your daily report and at the end of the day sign and email it right from your phone or tablet!

Superintendents and foremen can add and divide worker and shift hours, capture and update cost codes, and automatically sync them to the office to facilitate payroll while project managers, estimators and managers owners can monitor the progress of budgeted hours to keep your project on track and under budget.

Field staff can search a toolkit discussion library to present and capture signatures directly in the app, while security managers can schedule and assign toolkit discussions across their projects and easily track compliance.

In addition, daily logs from various subcontractors are automatically compiled into a Super Daily, providing general contractors with a single, standardized record of the day’s events. Raken also allows you to create personalized daily segment reports by supervisor, team, location, etc. Raken’s field reports help construction companies reduce risk, manage budgets and improve bottom lines.


• Daily reports: create, sign and share a daily PDF report in real time
• Time cards: capture times and cost codes on the go with time cards
• Production monitoring: collect and monitor site productivity data in real time
• Toolkit Discussions: Browse a library of topics, schedule bulk discussions for all your projects, and capture signatures
• Checklists: Ensure overall safety and quality with customizable checklist templates
• Daily Segmented Reports: Create segment reports by supervisor, team, location, and more.
• Super daily: subcontractor reports are automatically compiled into a single document
• Budgeted Hours: Track progress towards budgeted hours to keep projects on time
• Photo management: save and attach photos and videos directly from the field
• Task management: assign tasks to your team members and set daily reminders
• Security: create and complete security surveys and receive real-time notifications
• Weather: Automatically capture daily weather information for your projects
• Summaries: send weekly and monthly summary reports to customers and owners
• Materials tracking: track and monitor material and financial progress
• Equipment: calculate the use of owned and rented equipment and days on site
• Offline mode: use Raken even without on-site connectivity
• Notes / Safety / Quality control: add general, safety and QA / QC notes
• Investigations: document inspections, observations, etc.
• Dashboard activity: stay up to date with our news feed on project activities
• Dashboard Insights: monitor the overall performance of your projects


• Fast and easy: no onboarding or training required – just grab it and go
• Automated delivery: automatically email your daily construction logs and score cards
• Field data: create precise and time-stamped data directly from the field
• Improve safety compliance: record workers’ signatures on Toolbox Talks for better safety compliance
• Real-time visibility: send and receive real-time notifications for accidents and delays
• Streamline payroll: generate scorecard reports for easy payroll processing
• Simple time tracking: record and display the total number of hours for each employee or subcontractor
• Visual Updates: Use the Photo Gallery to send site images to owners, management, and more.
• Security: protect yourself against future litigation with accurate field data
• Cloud storage: synchronization with cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Egnyte
• Construction management: integration with other construction software such as Procore, Prolog, Foundation and Autodesk BIM 360

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