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ROCA private equity firm creates building materials holding company

The private equity firm ROCA Investments has announced the creation of a holding company, Roca Industry, which will bring together all of its construction materials companies in order to propose a common strategy and ensure synergies in their activity.

So far, the holding only contains two companies, but more will be added in the future. The holding company will consolidate by retaining rather than selling its companies.

Its shares will in future be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) AeRO market, according to ROCA Investments investment manager Ionut Bindea.

The holding companies are the producer of paints and varnishes Sarcom (100% owned by Roca Industry) and the producer of fiberglass mesh and fittings Bico Industries (70%). ROCA Investments will own 80% of the ROCA Industry holding company.

ROCA Industry will be managed by industry experts who will ensure its operation and development. The ROCA Investments management team will be involved in the strategic coordination of ROCA Industry.

“Expanding the ROCA family – both in terms of portfolio and of shareholders and entrepreneurs who join this holding company – is part of our development strategy, to create more Made in Romania products that have the capacity to evolve and to generate on the basis of a feeling of national pride, mentioned Rudolf Vizental, CEO of ROCA Investments.

ROCA Industry – a holding company of building materials – is a long-term project, based on the strategy of value creation through a process of consolidation and modernization of Romanian production capacities which will increase the competitiveness of the national industry, but also to the decrease in dependence on imports and will have a major positive impact on the Romanian economy as a whole.

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