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SmartEquip Partners with Diamond Construction Equipment to Launch Services in Japan

SmartEquip has launched its services, which will be operated in partnership with Tokyo-based Diamond Construction Equipment in the Japanese market. The SmartEquip network is now fully operational in Japan, with several Japanese suppliers already online and the first Japanese rental company having entered the pilot phase.

SmartEquip and Diamond Construction Equipment finalized the terms of their partnership in March 2020, then fully internationalized and commercially launched the platform in the Japanese market. Several Japanese suppliers have joined the network alongside manufacturers already active in North America and Europe looking to extend their reach and support to the Japanese market.

“SmartEquip has long seen huge opportunities in Japan,” said Alexander Schuessler, founder and chairman of the international SmartEquip group. “Rental penetration rates are very high, equipment ownership lasts a long time, and operational efficiency and improved equipment lifecycle management have a monumental impact on profitability, both for rental companies. only for the manufacturers who supply and support them. Together, these factors represent the ideal framework for our value propositions.

“Prior to entering into a definitive partnership agreement in the first quarter of 2020, we worked with Diamond Construction Equipment for three years to forge a strategy for the Japanese market. It is extremely gratifying to see the SmartEquip network operating commercially in Japan and to see a daily increase in the number of orders passing through our platform. We thank the Diamond team for the close partnership we have been able to build together, for the vision we have jointly formed for this industry and for the learning that our two companies have experienced, together and from each other.

“We are very excited to bring SmartEquip technology to the Japanese rental industry,” said Tatsuo Miyazawa, CEO of Diamond Construction Equipment. “Rental companies in Japan have long known that technology can improve profitability by reducing labor costs and increasing the financial utilization of equipment. It is exciting to be able to launch these profitability opportunities in our market and to do so with an elegant technological solution that is both easy to implement and very user-friendly. We thank SmartEquip for our partnership and look forward to expanding this footprint together very quickly over the next two years. “

SmartEquip is a provider of equipment lifecycle management, service and procurement support to the global construction industry.

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