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How Viewpoint for projects helps UK entrepreneurs gain more control over who has access to vital project data, when and how

During the lifecycle of a construction project, multiple teams are often involved with varying levels of access to technologies and data, making cybersecurity and data security more complex on construction projects. Projects must be completed quickly and on budget, without compromising safety or quality.

When data security and the proper user permissions are in place, your projects can run smoothly and securely without additional obstacles at every stage of a project.

User permissions: the right PERSON, at the right time

Today’s modern construction software gives contractors faster and easier access to project data. The implementation of strict user permissions controls who has access to various data or information. The ability to control the timing and structure of these permissions is just as important to keeping a project safe without adding additional steps or complications.

For example, if the prime contractor invited a flooring subcontractor to use Viewpoint For Projects (VFP), our award-winning Common Data Environment solution, the subcontractor would only have access to the duration of their contribution to the project. VFP’s robust modeling system allows end users to see details relevant to their specific roles. This means they can easily access the right information in real time, such as the latest design documents and drawings needed to accomplish their tasks efficiently and quickly.

Data security: in the right PLACE, at the right time

Using software to capture large amounts of quality data is only good if it is safe and secure. In other words, this data needs to be in the right place (in a safe place) and easily accessible at the right time (when properly authorized users need to access it).

Ensuring that your business data and workflows are properly secured isn’t just about providing peace of mind for your own business continuity, it has a direct impact on your ability to earn and maintain trade relations. Large clients and often government agencies and contracts generally require that strict security measures be in place at the companies to which they choose to assign work. You not only need proof that your business data and all associated data is secure, but you also need proof that your data security protocol is constantly maintained and updated.

Choosing the right build software with the latest built-in security protocols helps you stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve with your software vendor doing the heavy lifting. . Built-in security measures standardize procedures across a project, meaning that relevant information can be accessed and used securely at every stage of the project.

Once the project is complete, the data can be stored in a secure location for future use and reporting. So how does a leading construction technology provider prove that they are staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve? The answer lies in certification from respected cybersecurity authorities.

Viewpoint For projects, for example, is certified in the following areas:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC II Type 2
  • Cyber ​​Essentials Plus
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure.

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