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Subcontractors, neighbors frustrated by stolen construction products

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – New homes are popping up in the metro area and construction site thefts are also on the rise, but investigators have a good lead on a suspect thanks to an alert neighbor.

A frustrating delay in construction because the builder’s superintendent has to withstand a theft.

“The audacity that some of these guys think they can just pull up their truck and fill their truck bed with our product,” said Jeff Cook, superintendent of Colony Custom Homes.

A thousand dollars worth of roofing material has been stolen from a new home site where submarines must wait for replacement supplies.

“It’s affecting the builder, it’s affecting us because we can’t finish the site and the job and it’s been difficult,” said contractor Francisco Gutierrez.

Construction sites are targets for thieves due to the price of materials.

“It’s $125 a sheet now, where it used to be $45 a sheet,” Jeff said.

Sarpy County Sheriff’s investigators recovered stolen equipment from at least two job sites.

“He went to another neighborhood and abandoned that truck,” Sarpy Co. Sheriff investigator Dana Harrah said.

Colony houses recovered the supplies, but the rest are put into evidence until another victim of theft comes forward.

“So if anyone misses these types of products, contact the sheriff’s office and we can figure out a way to get them back to you,” said Sgt. Sarpy Co. Sheriff Investigator Blake Raughton.

Investigators have a good lead because the suspect fled.

Investigators took a break when the suspect fled on foot but did not have time to take the license plates. Part of its time maybe because many of us use these type of bolts to put our plates on the bumper.

“Cover their plates or take them away right away,” Dana said.

But before making an arrest, investigators want to build a stronger case.

“We have already identified one victim in Sarpy County and we believe there are victims in Douglas County. We are just looking for these contractors to check their cameras. Contact the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office if particular roofing materials are missing,” Dana said.

The van loaded with stolen building materials was found and seized after Courtney Boyer’s husband heard a noise late at night at the construction site across the street.

“He just looked out the window to see what was going on and realized after about 30 seconds he wasn’t there to work and he yelled and we called the cops and they came very quickly,” Courtney said.

A builder and owner in a new development are united to watch over each other.

“Thank you so much and I appreciate you keeping your eyes on everything,” Jeff said.

Any builder or owner who remembers the white van near construction sites should call the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office Where Sarpy County Crime Stoppers at 402-592-STOP (7867).

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