Construction materials

The cost of building materials hammered by inflation

“It’s a bit alarming,” says Gale. “The retail price goes up 30-40, 50% on some things.”

Solvents, metal-based consumables and wood materials are just some of the products that Gale says have seen the biggest price increases, but the increase has affected everything it sells.

“Literally, I think you could say A to Z,” Gale says. “From tools to consumables, you name it.”

Gale says even giving construction companies accurate and timely quotes has been a struggle, as rising fuel costs and surcharges now have to be factored in when purchasing materials.

Gale says the current market will force some companies to make tough decisions.

“I really think we’re almost at a breaking point,” Gale says. “I think the market can’t absorb that much. There is not a lot of money to spend. In the end, you only have a limited amount on your paycheck. I think right now it’s pretty tight. Like I said, people are ready to absorb it at this point, but if it keeps going that way, higher and higher, they’re going to have to cut back.

Gale says that while prices are high, product demand has not slowed due to market uncertainty and unpredictability.

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