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Trimble Construction One construction management platform bridges industry gap between buildable models and project financial data

“The growing needs of our clients have always been at the center of our concerns, and they told us that the connection between project finances and field and operational data is high on their wish list,” said Matt harris, Vice President and General Manager, Trimble Viewpoint. “With Trimble Construction One, we provide extensive connections throughout the construction project lifecycle allowing better data for decision making. All existing ViewpointOne customers are now automatically on Trimble Construction One and have the ability to access additional benefits and flexibility. “

Connected construction management software enables contractors to connect the way they “plan, execute and manage” their construction projects and the associated data for better returns. Under Trimble Construction One, contractors can:

  • Plan: Connect data from a project’s planning phases (estimate, design and details, content and pricing services) to actual project data, resulting in more predictable construction results.
  • Make: Perform real project work (project management, field management, service management) more efficiently and map this data to the project, resulting in optimal use of resources and cost savings.
  • Manage: Spend less time on project administration, combining financial management, business operations management, job costing, payroll and procurement with continuous project completion rates to ensure efficiency overall and higher project profitability.

“From a pre-construction perspective, Trimble already connects thousands of distributors and contractors and manages millions of items from manufacturers, prices, labor and metadata,” said Laurent Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Trimble MEP. “Now, under Trimble Construction One, the estimate is connected to the ERP, so when the contractor wins the job, that estimate becomes the baseline budget for the project and that information is put in the hands of the project manager. efficiently, thanks to our estimation to ERP integrations. “

“Under Trimble Construction One, I don’t just look at labor or costs, I look at the actual results of what we did and I’m able to project it at a very detailed level so I can understand how we do on a job, “said Craig lundskog, Director of Finance, Great Basin Industrial. “It will be invaluable to the way we run our business – and honestly, I don’t think there is another company outside of Trimble that can actually do it.”

Data connections that drive value

With data connected under Trimble Construction One, contractors get accurate data and reports in real time, allowing them to make reliable strategic decisions such as whether or not to undertake a new project in a difficult time, when hiring needs to take place, or what the project margins are likely to be. Using both current and historical data, entrepreneurs can get a real-time view of all of their projects, assess cost projections on projects to create better deals, and ultimately uncover problems or issues. problems in time to resolve them.

“Being able to see very quickly where my projects are financially, where we are in terms of percentage of completion, where we are with hours of work, where we are with quantities – all of these things being the same. location means less administrative hours, “said Peter Hainsworth, Director of Operations, Ridgeline Electrical Industries. “With Trimble Construction One, I will immediately get better data and be able to make faster decisions that will affect the outcome of the job.”

As part of the launch of Trimble Construction One, Viewpoint and its subsidiary brands will now operate under the Trimble name. You can find more information about Trimble Construction One online.

About Trimble Construction

Trimble develops technologies, software and services that drive the digital transformation of construction with solutions that span the entire Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Empowering teams throughout the construction lifecycle, Trimble’s innovative approach improves coordination and collaboration among stakeholders, teams, phases and processes. Trimble’s connected construction strategy puts users in control of their operations with the best solutions and a common data environment. By automating work and transforming workflows, Trimble enables construction professionals to improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety, sustainability and deliver every project with confidence. For more information, visit:

About Trimble

Trimble is an industrial technology company that is transforming the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds to improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble is transforming industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation. For more information on Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), visit:


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