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Verizon Connect Intros AI Dash Cam

The Verizon Connect Dash Cam uses advanced artificial intelligence to enable real-time detection of potentially dangerous driving events and to enhance driver safety.

Available to new and existing Fleet and Reveal customers, Integrated Video can be used with two new camera models, including a road-facing camera only – which can be upgraded with a driver-facing camera add-on – and a double-sided camera.

“The new AI Dashcam includes advanced features designed to enhance safety and provide better insight for fleet managers,” said Erin Cave, director of product management Verizon Connect. “The new technology is an important step in helping our customers future-proof their fleets.”

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) help monitor tailgating, pedestrians and cyclists, while the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) tracks distracted driving, phone use, fatigue and more Again. Hardware features of the recently launched single and dual camera models include:

  • Modular Design: Easily upgrade from single forward facing camera to dual camera functions with the driver facing add-on.
  • Smaller and sleeker: One device for both forward and driver-facing video and easy to install yourself with fewer cables or wires.
  • Future-proof: The hardware will allow for valuable improvements in the near future.
  • Privacy by Design: New hardware comes with lens caps for added privacy when video recordings aren’t needed or needed.
  • In-Cab Audio Alerts: Drivers will be alerted in real time to dangerous driving events.

The Verizon Connect Dashcam AI provides audible alerts to drivers when it detects dangerous driving, including signs of fatigue, distraction, and phone use, then instructs drivers to take corrective action. Cloud-based AI distills data into actionable insights and video footage is automatically analyzed to determine severity and tagged with context so managers know what’s important and actionable to improve driver safety. Customers can automatically send video footage of incidents to the platform so they can be reviewed by the appropriate people and managers. In the case of a driver driving recklessly, the manager can use the footage to coach and discuss safety habits.

Source: Verizon Connect

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