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Volvo Construction Equipment’s connected map visualizes construction sites

Connected Map works by extracting telematics positioning data from machines or Android/iOS devices with SIM cards and uploading it to a cloud-based Volvo platform. Whether it is a Volvo machine, a non-Volvo machine, a vehicle or a temporary site visitor, Connected Map will visualize the position of any on-site unit on which the app is installed, either in the Volvo Co-Pilot or in an Android/iOS device.

For non-Volvo machines that are regularly on site, Volvo recommends equipping the machine with a generic/non-Volvo Co-Pilot with Map App. This can be purchased as an aftermarket option from the Volvo dealer or alternatively non-Volvo machine operators can access the Sitemap app via any Android/iOS device with a SIM card. Temporary visitors to the site can also access the application in the same way, which helps to familiarize themselves with the site. Connected Map will visualize a host of typical job site features and landmarks, including roads to help operators navigate the site, loading areas, unloading areas, speed zones as well as restricted areas. Points of interest such as offices, workshops and gas stations can also be viewed, which is particularly useful for new or temporary operators. Single lane (narrow road) sections can be set, warning the operator if another machine is approaching in a single lane section, helping to avoid traffic jams.

“With Connected Map, users have complete visibility of the jobsite. It gives them a real-time visual overview of the position of every machine, every vehicle and every visitor on a site connected to the app, helping to make their operation more efficient and productive,” said Azadeh Fazl Mashhadi, owner of the service offering site. solutions at Volvo CE. “Site management also has full visibility of the job site through the Office portal, providing all the information needed to optimize traffic conditions for maximum productivity at their fingertips. Additionally, increasing the efficiency of transport operations can also help reduce travel times, minimize mixing of materials, reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

For site managers, Office Portal makes it easier to manage larger sites and even creates the ability to manage multiple sites simultaneously. Not only does Office Portal provide a visual overview of all machines, operators and temporary visitors to the site, but it also allows the site manager to react to site conditions. The site manager can introduce measures such as one-way traffic or restricted areas and communicate these changes to all users in an instant, helping to improve awareness, reduce accidents and increase productivity.

Connected Map users can also stay informed of the location of their machines, thanks to Connected Map’s search functionality, which will search and find users or machines in real time, with the last machine position visible for 30 days. . Away from the office, Connected Map helps the operator become familiar with the site and know where everyone is, including visitors, facilitating a simpler, safer and less stressful operation.

The Site Map app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. To get started with Connected Map and Office Portal, customers should contact their Volvo dealer.

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